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Sometimes it's safer to stay in Milan or Genoa before your cruise

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Book a hotel near Milan center

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Book a hotel near Genoa center

Traveling from Major Airports to Cruise Ports

Getting from Milan to Genoa Cruise Port

Since flight connections to Genoa Airport are not very frequent/convenient, it is often a good idea to fly to Milan and then go to Genoa by car/train/bus. Below we refer to "Milano Centrale" which is the Italian name for the Milan Central Train Station -- a central train hub.

All information below including itineraries/prices/drive times etc. are intended as a general guide to help you plan your trip. They are in no way definitive nor can they be considered 100% accurate as the information contained below may change without notice. Bluesun cannot be held responsible for any delays, deviations in the program, local strikes, or any other occurrence that may cause a traveller to miss their flight/cruise. 

So let's get started!


When flying to Milan you usually fly into one of the following two airports, Malpensa or Bergamo.


Section 1 - flying into Malpensa Airport

Usually the "traditional" airlines like ALITALIA, LUFTHANSA etc. fly to Malpensa which is connected to the center of Milan by train/bus. For flights to Malpensa you can either:

A. Book a bus transfer with us (available only when you have booked the cruise with us as well) from Malpensa directly to the cruise port (around 2-2:30 hours drive). In order to book a transfer your flight must arrive at least 6 hours before the cruise departs.

B. Take a train from Malpensa to Milano Centrale and then see Section 3 - from Milano Centrale to Genoa Cruise Port


Section 2 - flying into Bergamo Airport

Usually the "low cost" airlines like Ryanair fly to Bergamo which is to the East of Milan, connected to the center of Milan by shuttle bus (more convenient) or train (less convenient). For flights to Bergamo you can either:


A. Take the shuttle bus from Bergamo to Milano Centrale (about €5 per person per way). It takes the shuttle bus around 60 minutes to arrive at Milano Centrale (not counting waiting time for the bus)

B. There is no train station ending at Bergamo airport so you must take the Bergamo Bus to the Bergamo train Station (around 15 minutes drive, ticket cost around €2) and then board the train headed to Milano Centrale (takes around 50' - 1.15' with a ticket cost of around €5 - €6). This method is possible but not really recommended -- especially if you have limited time.

Section 3 - from Milano Centrale to Genoa Piazza Principe

Once you have arrived at Milano Centrale (Milan Central Train Station) you need to take the train to Genova Piazza Principe which is within walking distance (or short drive) to the Genoa Cruise Port. 


The official site containing the train schedules, where you can also buy tickets online, is TRENITALIA.COM. It takes the train around 1:40' to 2 hours  to get from Milano Centrale to Genova Piazza Principe, and the ticket starts from around €14 per person per way.

Section 4 - from Genova Piazza Principe to the Cruise Port (Statione Maritima)

The distance from the train station to the cruise port (entrance to entrance) is around 20-30' walk (depending on luggage) or 5-10' taxi drive. The best way to get there by foot is to ask for the "Statione Maritima" (Port) so someone will show you the best root from the train station. Alternatively you can take a taxi from the main entrance, to the Statione Maritima -- recommended if you have heavy luggage without wheels.

Keep in mind that after you arrive at the entrance to the Statione Maritima, your ship may not be anchored right by the entrance -- it is a big port -- so some more walking / shuttle bus ride might be necessary.

After you arrive at the Cruise Port, look for signs of your cruise line, or ask someone to assist you -- there will be staff there to help during normal embarkation times.

Section 5 - how long does the whole trip take?

Please give yourself plenty of time to get from Milan to Genoa Cruise Port -- at least 3-4 hours if you're doing it on your own by train/bus


Section 6 - getting from Genoa Port back to Milan

To return to Milan do the reverse program, or book a transfer with us (when flying out of Malpensa)

To get to Bergamo airport on the last day, you can take the same shuttle bus or train from the center of Milan (Milano Centrale).

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